Active Ingredients

Actives are substances that are responsible for delivering defined benefits. We offer a variety of actives. If you would like to achieve a particular effect in your products, just let us know. Our actives can be purchased as is or you could request for it to be used in your end products.

Type of the actives we offer

  • Botanical extracts
  • Whitening agent
  • Moisturizing agent
  • Anti-acne agent
  • More
(Please talk to us for actives not mentioned above.)

Premix Base

To save your preparation time or inventory costs, you can request for premix bases. They are semi-finished skincare products. All you need to do is add your own extracts or active ingredients as preferred.

Types of premix bases we offer

  • Emulsion Base
  • Cream Base
  • Lotion Base
  • Shampoo Base
  • Cleanser Base
  • Serum Base

If you have your self-defined formula, you can just let us know. We'll prepare the extracts or active ingredients, and premix base for you. We can also manufacture the product for you packaged, in bulk or branded to your preference.