The team at Eryca Life Science has all the necessary skill sets and quality to cater to your needs. We have expertise in chemistry and biotech, quality requirements and assurance, efficient R&D team, and light-industrial capacity.

We designed different types of manufacturing programs (ODM, OEM, and OBM) tailored to bring out the benefits of products for your brand or business.


Wholesale Program
(Finished goods for your store)
Bulk Program
(Own packaging line with our product supply)
Branding Program
(Build a product line with creative branding)

Research & Development, Formulation

Lead by Esther, the R&D team continuously delivers innovations and breakthroughs to drive the growth of our business. We offer comprehensive product development for a complete range of personal care products and cosmetics to meet your needs. With our well-developed consumer market research, we can define the personification of your products. We can target specific products you have in mind to create an apt solution that provides significant results. Eryca Laboratory also engages in a variety of research of natural ingredients to create eco-labeled products. With our expertise and experience, we can deliver therapeutic products made entirely from earth’s natural minerals and resources.


With our compounding equipment and light-industrial facility, we can handle from the most delicate to the most basic products for your manufacturing needs. We strive to make our manufacturing process ecologically compatible. We also ensure our production quality follows strict safety and quality guidelines of industrial best practices. Our manufacturing processes are set according to the regulation, codes, and guidelines established by the international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We practice continuous optimization to ensure high export quality products with fast turnaround and delivery time while maximizing cost effectiveness.

Quality Control & Assurance

We have a very established quality control system and management. All products through every stage of production are inspected for quality. From raw material to packaging components, microbial, mixing, chemical, filling, in-process, weighing, labeling, and finished product testing, our QC & QA team follows through strictly. Our QC system is flexible to incorporate any client-specific quality system into our operations to meet your quality requirements. We also partner with external laboratories to test our materials and end products to ensure a certain quality standard is achieved.

Packaging & Design

Under our branding program, we also provide unique packaging and design. With our well-researched market trends, we assist you in creating a product line that is in tune with current and effective trends. Other creative works include product names, color story, illustrations, marketing collateral, packaging, and mockups. Our aim is to ensure your product stands out in the mass market.

Warehouse Logistics

We have the facilities to store properly and manage the raw materials and end products in bulk. All raw materials, finished products, and private label orders will be packed to your specifications and checked for accuracy. We take extra measures and regularly formulate varied strategies to retain the quality and ensure the safety of your orders.