Are you looking for a particular ingredient for your product?

We offer the following botanical extracts:
Flower | Fruits | Leaves | Seed | Roots

Our extracts are obtained by macerating the dried or fresh plants in solvents, namely alcohol, glycerol, and oil, to get the benefits of the essence. The substances can be extracted from various parts of the botanical plants. Thus, we can customize the extracts to your specifications.

We have a strict in-house standard operating procedure to ensure the quality of our extracts. All our extracts are rigorously examined in our in-house laboratory at every stage of their production. In every set of production, sample extracts will be delivered to external labs for additional testing. We deliver the extracts with an accompanying technical data sheet and all safety information.

Types of Extracts

  • Alcohol Extracts
  • Hydro-glycerinated Extracts
  • Oil Extracts